Welcome to the brand new RecWorks Careers and Mentoring Slack Group.

Firstly thank you for coming here! My name is Barry Cranford, I am the MD of RecWorks and founder of this group. We have already made over 200 introductions between mentors and mentees through the group.

The more info you give us at this point the easier it will be to match you with a mentor/mentee quickly but if you're short of time, feel free to be brief and I'll come back to you for more details at a later stage.

Thanks, Barry
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Are you currently interested in becoming a mentor or perhaps offering guidance to people that are following a similar path but are a few steps or a few years behind you?

There is absolutely zero obligation to do so - some people have joined this group to become mentors, some have joined to become mentees, others are looking to be both. You can always say no now and yes later.

Please expand on what sort of subjects you would be best suited to offer guidance on

The more information you can provide at this point the better as we may be able to match you with people that are the other side of the equation. Feel free to write long descriptions or just buzz words.
Who do you think would benefit most from your experience? e.g. experience levels - Is there anyone you would *not* be happy or suited to mentor?

This is a chance to give us an indication if you'd prefer to mentor/meet students or seniors for example, maybe you really want to help recent grads find their way or perhaps you're more interested in helping aspiring CTOs with understanding their next steps. You don't have to limit it of course but will help us to understand who best to match you with.
Are you currently interested in meeting a mentor?

Please answer yes or no - There is absolutely zero obligation to do so - some people have joined this group to become mentors, some have joined to meet mentors, others are looking for both. You can always say no now and yes later.

Please expand on your situation/challenges and the sort of advice or guidance you're looking for from prospective mentors?

There are a variety of areas that mentors can assist you with, the more information we can get the better. For example mentors can help you understand your options, find the best route to your goal, help you with specific issues or just become better in particular areas, technically or otherwise. The more information you can give us the better the match will be.
Are you currently open to hearing about new permanent or contract opportunities? (Please specify)

RecWorks is 100% funded by recruitment or placing people like yourself into software development positions in London. If you are currently open to a friendly/informal discussion about what positions we have available please let us know - the more information you can offer on what you're looking for the better
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We don't like trolls here. This group was set up so that we could work together as a community and help each other to make the industry a better place.
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